The central portal of public administration

Central Government Portal

The main purpose of Central Government Portal is to provide services to the public and public authorities by means of information system through a single access point. The basis for all future activities of Central Government Portal is the entry point which arranges user´s authentication, login, data reception and creates transaction that is passed to the particular service provider to finish the transaction process. 

What is Central Government Portal?
Central Government Portal is an information system designed to provide service and information to the public through the common internet access point. The portal is managed by regulations of Act No. 275/2006 Coll. on Public Administration Information Systems and by the Act No. 305/2013 Coll. on e-Government.

Central Government Portal provides:

  • common registry, authentification, authorization feature and user support feature
  • managing of information flow, electronic filing, electronic fee payments

Central Government Portal from citizen’s point of view:

  • is a uniform entry point to the public administration affairs
  • is a place to find all the actual information and services first-hand

Central Government Portal from public authority‘s point of view:

  • is the interface for communication with citizens
  • is the interface for meeting up of information and public authorities‘ information systems
  • represents common communication infrastructure 


The obligatory activation of electronic mailboxes is postponed to 1st of july 2017. According to an amendment to Act no. 305/2013 Coll. on e-government that was approved by Parliament on the 7. 12. 2016 the obligatory activation of electronic mailboxes is postponed to 1st of july 2017. More information...