The central portal of public administration

User Guide

In this section you can find user guides for the use of the portal and electronic mailboxes.

Video guides 

In this section you may find actual video guides to web portal and also electronic mailboxes.

Name File type and size Date of release Date of actualization
Electronic mailbox
User guide for the use of the electronic mailbox   [.pdf, 1627.8 kB] 21st of February 2019

27th of June 2022

User guide for notification settings [.pdf, 542.7 kB] 13th of July 2017 13th of May 2021
User guide for creating the qualified electronic signature in the electronic mailbox  [.pdf, 918.9 kB]  30th of June. 2020  
User guide for sign by more persons [.pdf, 519 kB] 19th of June 2020 21st of July 2020
User guide for installing the application package
[.pdf, 796 kB] 19th of June 2020  
eID client Application User Guide  [.pdf, 2596.6 kB] 31st of June 2017