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How to apply for alternative authenticator

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Alternative authenticator is another possibility how foreign statutory representatives may access electronic mailbox of their company set in Slovakia.
  1. Who can apply for alternative authenticator?
  2. Where to apply?
  3. Which documents have to be submitted?
  4. Where to draw the alternative authenticator?

Who can apply for alternative authenticator?

Alternative authenticator is meant for statutory representatives of companies registered in the Business register of the Slovak Republic, who have no access to the electronic mailbox of the company. This means that they have no official authenticator – eID (an electronic identification card) or residence card.

Also advocates, visiting euroadvocates and settled euroadvocates, who don´t have official authenticator – eID (an electronic identification card) or residence card, can apply for the alternative authenticator.

Where to apply?

Foreign statutory representative has to apply in person at the unit of the Alien Police of the Slovak Republic.

List of units of Alien Police.

Which document have to be submitted?

At the unit of Alien Police, the statutory representative has to identify himself/herself with valid passport or any official identification card and identify the company (registration number - IČO). The official will verify the document, request the applicant to create a personal security code (BOK) and request contact details.

Where to take the alternative authenticator?

The alternative authenticator will be sent to the address submitted in contact details. If the applicant will not take the card, this card will be sent back to the unit of Alien Police where the application was submitted. Statutory representative may take the alternative authenticator there. 

Last modified: 22. 2. 2021
Publication date: 1. 3. 2017

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