The central portal of public administration

Electronic mailboxes and principles of security

Dear users,

We would like to remind you that if you authenticate * on the Central Government Portal, you are obliged to follow the basic rules of security and confidentiality of your data.

When you work with the electronic mailbox, you work with sensitive data, and therefore you should never allow unauthorized persons to access the open web browser through which you have logged in to the portal. We also do not recommend logging in on shared computers where you have no control over the installed software.

After finishing work with the electronic mailbox or on the portal, we recommend you to log out correctly and check whether the logout was successful, and only then close the web browser and remove the identity card from the card reader.

At the same time, you should make sure that your behavior prevents, as far as possible, the loss, theft or the misuse of your identity card by others. Therefore, store it in a safe place out of reach of other people. Make sure your security codes are kept secret from others and do not share them with anyone. If you need to have security codes written, never keep it with your identity card. In case of loss, theft or suspected misuse of the identity card, immediately inform the police and ensure the cancellation of stored certificates either.

* Note:

Authentication is proof of identity by means of an authenticator, which in accordance with applicable legislation is an identity card with an electronic chip (eID), residence card with an electronic chip, alternative authenticator, authentication certificate, means of electronic identification issued within the electronic identification scheme.