The central portal of public administration


eIDAS project is Pan-European project aimed to provide national electronic services of public administration to nationals from the other EU Member States. The goal is to facilitates the access for citizen and businesses to online services across European borders through the secure cross-border authentication.

Thanks to the cooperation on various levels, citizens and businesses can use their nationally issued electronic identification schemes (eIDs) for the access to the public services to ensure the access to services provided by other EU Member States. More than 20 countries form part of this project and use the eID system. This system consists of several different providers with varying security mechanisms of identification and authentication so eIDAS serves as unifying instrument that strengthens the European Digital market.


  • Secure cross-border access to the internet and digital services
  • Protects against the risks of identity thefts and misuse of personal information
  • Provides legal validity of transactions
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