The central portal of public administration

Accessibility Statement

The website complies with all the basic accessibility standards of public administration information systems as defined by the regulation Výnos o štandardoch ISVS No. 55/2014 Coll.

The website is created to meet the maximum content and functional accessibility. Content is available also in case  user turns off displaying images, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript (this sequence works with  only a few limitations). Website´s CSS is defined by relative font value (em) which makes the text resizable by means of standard web browser’s tools.

Text files are published on the portal as .html and also .pdf. For a correct preview of PDF files it is essential to install Adobe Reader, which is a downloadable freeware.

Text files which can be edited are published as .odt and .docx. Text files found as. rtf may be kept for archivation reason, but any new text file will not be available as .rtf. All mentioned text file formats (except from .pdf) can be viewed and edited in commonly used text editors.

Files which include tables are published as .ods and .xlsx, or as .cvs.

Files with graphic elements occur on the portal as .jpg and .png most of time.

The website contains an RSS module which enables users to periodically obtain short text messages on updated content. Central Government Portal is regularly validated by the service of Transitional W3C. Please contact Central customer service in any case of accessibility issues or any other problems.

Central Government Portal administrator is Slovak Government Office, content and e-services provider is Národná agentúra pre sieťové a elektronické služby.