The central portal of public administration

About us

Central Government Portal provides central and unified access to information resources and electronic public services. Information (advice, guides, descriptions) users are searching for is usually a part of particular government department website. Central Government Portal focuses on the integration of such information along with electronic public services and provides them to users through a single entry point in an accessible and comprehensive way.

The main purpose of the portal is to guide users to particular public e-service along with the use of relevant information resources.

The digital content of the portal consists of information and electronic services themselves. The concept of the website is governed by following principles:

  • The concept of life-events - electronic services are structured according to life situations (e.g. Family, Health, Finance) and categorized into two major target groups (citizens/businesses). Every life situation includes an alphabetical list of available e-services. This concept of life events guides users through the wide content of the portal and helps them to identify the information and e-services they are looking for.
  • Virtual centralization – from the user’s point of view the Central Government Portal represents a gateway to all electronic public services in Slovakia. The portal serves as an access to public services across all the departments and levels of public administration from one entry point.

According to e-Government Act no. 305/2013 Coll. the Central Government Portal is defined as information system of public administration which provides official electronic communications with public authorities through a single access point. Administrator of the portal is Government Office of the Slovak Republic and provider of content and e-services is the National agency for network and electronic services (NASES).

NASES as the contributory organisation of Government Office of the Slovak Republic was established in order to fulfill the tasks and obligations of Slovak Government Office stipulated by the Act No. 575/2001 Coll. on Government Activity Organization and Central State Administration Organization and Act No. 275/2006 Coll. on Public Administration Information Systems.  In particular, the fulfillment of special tasks of Government Office in the area of informatization of the society, as well as management and operation of electronic communications networks and services.

NASES key tasks are:

  • operation and network development of GOVNET
  • operation sTESTA for Slovak Republic
  • operation and development of Central Government Portal
  • development of the infrastructure of broadband internet
  • advisory, consultancy and training activity in the field of informatics, information networks, electronic communications networks, information technology.

Activities of NASES agency supports the development and expansion of e-Government in Slovakia, which should improve the efficiency of public administration, simplify the contact between citizens and public authorities, and promote the overall advancement of the society, business community and the general public in the field of informatization.