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How to obtain a residence card with electronic chip?

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In order to have access to the electronic mailbox, foreigners need their residence card with an electronic chip. They can apply for it at the nearest Foreign Police Department.

Basic steps to obtain a residence card with an electronic chip:

  1. Fulfill conditions to obtain residency
  2. Pay administrative fee
  3. Apply


If a foreigner living in the Slovak Republic wants to obtain a residence card with electronic chip, he/she needs to have permanent, long-term or temporary residence here. The type of residency depends on conditions and aims of each and every applicant. This group is also divided according the country of origin – EU citizens and third country nationals.

To obtain residency, all applicants have to meet these basic conditions:

  1. Have valid passport;
  2. Have demonstration of financial resources (confirmation of the employer, statement of the personal account, declaration of the spouse or family member in case of taking care of them);
  3. Have demonstration of health insurance;
  4. Have demonstration of accommodation (ownership, renting contract or other);
  5. More conditions according the specific type of residency.

Administrative fee

Each kind of residency is charged according special rules and conditions.

Issuing of the residence card is charged with administrative fee 4,5 €. 


To apply for the residency card with electronic chip you have to go to the nearest Foreign Police Department and fill the form. You also need to bring 2 color photos (3 cm x 3,5 cm). At the Department you will be taken photo for the card with electronic chip. Then you will set your personal security code (BOK) to have the access to the mailbox. You may also ask for setting of the code for your certified signature.

In the case you already have you card with electronic chip, but you do not have your personal security code (BOK), you have to go to the Foreign Police Department to set it. It is free of charge.

Last modified: 17. 5. 2021
Publication date: 28. 11. 2016

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