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Ministry of Interior in the Slovak Republic

Point of Single Contact


Point of Single Contact (PSC) is a national e-government portal for entrepreneurs which helps to start to provide services in Slovakia and enables entrepreneurs to apply online for a license to start the business.

The PSC information portal offers information about:

  • conditions/requirements for obtaining a license
  • legal acts
  • fees
  • contacts to competent organs

for all the services which are included in the Service Directive (PDF, 217 kB).

The PSC also offers electronic services for entrepreneurs, for example:

  • notification of trade for natural and legal person
  • notification of the changes in the Trade register
  • request for the extract from the Trade register

and many more.



Choose a service:

Cross-border services provision

Choose a service:

You can start your business in Slovakia also electronically at this link.

You can apply for business authorization for services which are not trades at this link.

These services are available in English language, however the form should be filled only in Slovak language.

Regulated profession and recognition of professional qualifications in Slovakia

Profession is regulated if the professional activity can be pursued only when a person has obtained a specific professional qualification. If professional qualification for pursuit of such regulated profession in Slovakia was obtained abroad it is necessary to have it recognised. The competent organ for recognition of professional qualification and for recognition of foreign diplomas in Slovakia is „Stredisko na uznávanie dokladov o vzdelaní“ (Centre for Recognition of Foreign Diplomas).

Tax information

If you need information about taxes in Slovakia, please visit this webpage  to find information about corporate tax in Slovakia, this webpage for information about financial reports, and for more general information about taxes in Slovakia please visit the webpage  of Tax Office in Slovakia. (Please note, that if you notify your trade as a natural person through Point of Single Contact you will be automatically registered with the Tax Office in Slovakia.)


For more information about employment in Slovakia, please follow this link and for more information about social insurance system and electronic services please visit the webpage of Social Insurance Agency in Slovakia.

Business in European economic area countries: 

To find out more about doing business in other EEA countries, please visit national PSCs which are part of the EEA-wide EUGO network of PSCs.

If you need more information about starting a business in Slovakia as sole trader you can contact Trade Offices (in Slovak language only) at this link.

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Publication date: 14. 3. 2017

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