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What are the advantages if I grant the access into my electronic mailbox electronically and not in paper form?

Dear users,

the electronic way of granting authorisation is much more efficient and brings several benefits than a charter. If you can log in to an electronic mailbox, i.e. you have a login tool* and a personal security code (BOK), you can grant your authorisation quickly, easily, ecologically and for free.

Illistrative image - Advantages of electronic authorisation such as granting access to another person and enjoying relax

Figure 1 - Illustrative image about advanteges of granting access into an electronic mailbox

Advantages of electronic authorisation:

Less action in the submitting a request of an application

You do not have to look for your electronic request on the portal slovensko.sk, or download it to your computer or print it. The owner of the e-mailbox does not have to go to the notary personally or to the municipal office for official signature verification, there is no need to go to the post office and send the request personally. The electronic form allows you to copy the fields and fill in the data for multiple persons using the “Add” button, as opposed to the charter, which must be filled in separately for each authorised person.

Shorter time to process the application

The electronic request is handled immediately (within a few minutes of sending the electronic form), the legal deadline for the execution of the formal application is within ten working days of the delivery date.

Simple application procedure

  • Subscribe to the portal www.slovensko.sk,
  • enter the electronic mailbox for which you want to set the permission,
  • go to the “Settings” section and then to “Authorisations”,
  • choose whether you want to authorise an individual or legal person,
  • fill out the required form fields marked with * and click on “Check”,
  • if the form is properly completed, send it.

In a few minutes, you'll have confirmation information about the assignment of authorisation.

Financial costs saved

The electronic application does not require payment of a fee for the official verification of the signature of the owner of the e-mailbox or for postal transport.

Lower environmental impact

A paper application must be printed and wrapped in an envelope, so the electronic method is much more environmentally friendly.

If you want to modify or remove the authorisation granted, you can also do so electronically, without the need to send a letter request for modification or cancellation of authorisation. 


Last modified: 27. 8. 2021
Publication date: 27. 8. 2021