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What do you need for work with the electronic mailbox?

Dear users,

for work with an electronic mailbox, you need to complete a number of important steps. First of all, you will need a computer with an access to internet connection to reach the website slovensko.sk. Other specific tools are eID card, personal security code (BOK), qualified electronic signature (KEP), card reader and software installation on your computer.

 Illistrative image - The list of necessary tools required for work with an electronic mailbox such as: Internet access, eID, card reader, software installation, KEP and BOK

Figure 1 – Graphic representation of the necessary tools for work with the electronic mailbox

EID card

For successful logging into the electronic mailbox, you need a Slovak identity card with an electronic chip (eID card), which verify your identity. You can request equipment from any Documents Department of the Police Force District Directorate.

For the purpose of authentication, it is also possible to use a residence document with an electronic chip, an alternative authenticator, an authentication certificate or an electronic identification means from another EU country. More information about eIDAS Node


For the eID card, you will personally select a 6-digit Personal Security Code (BOK) at the document department of the District Directorate of the Police Force. You will log in to the electronic mailbox by using BOK at slovensko.sk portal in the ‘Enter the Portal’ section. For security reasons, we recommend selecting random digits, not a birth number, and if necessary, keep it in a place other than the eID card.


You should request upload of signing certificates to the eID card chip, which will allow creating a qualified electronic signature (KEP). Upload of certificates is possible not only in any of the Document Department of the Police Force District Directorate, but also online. More information can be found in the User’s Guide (only in Slovak).

Card reader

For the eID card, you will need a card reader, which you will receive free of charge from any Documents Department of the Police Directorate when handling your eID card.

Install the software

Another necessary tool for work with the electronic mailbox is the software that you need to install on your computer. You can find it on Slovensko.sk available free of charge in the "Download" section. First, we recommend checking whether your computer meets the above-mentioned system requirements for proper functioning.

The installation package includes the card reader controls, the eID client application for logging into your electronic mailbox and a package of apps to create and validate a qualified electronic signature (KEP).


The electronic mailbox is accessible via the Slovensko.sk portal, where you can log in by clicking on the button “Enter the Portal”. For more information on how to log in to the electronic mailbox, see the User guide for the use of the electronic mailbox.

For any questions related to the electronic mailbox, you can contact our Central Contact Centre at phone num. + 421 2 35 803 083. The operators are available on working days from 8:00 to 18:00, on Wednesday until 21:00 or you can use the online contact form.


Last modified: 27. 8. 2021
Publication date: 26. 8. 2021