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How to register your company to the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic?


Each foreign natural person – entrepreneur or legal person that wants to conduct business activities within the Slovak Republic has to be registered in the Commercial Register. This rule does not apply to those from the member states of EU or OECD, or those with permanent residence in these countries.
  1. Conditions
  2. Documents
  3. Administrative fee
  4. Waiting period


If you want to start your business enterprise in Slovakia and you are not coming from any of the member states of EU or OECD, you have to apply for permanent or temporary residence in Slovakia. Only then your company may be registered to the Commercial Register and so start doing the business.

To obtain temporary residence aimed for business you have to apply at the diplomatic mission of the Slovak Republic in your home country (residence country/ country that issued your passport) and provide necessary documents along with the proof of the purpose of the residence, in this case for the business enterprise.


For registration to the Commercial Register you have to submit at the competent Register Court or the Point of Single Contact:

  • application form (in Slovak)
  • entitlement to use the property as a registered address of the business
  • trade license
  • residence permit
  • declaration of establishing the enterprise in Slovakia
  • declaration of a registration in any of business registers in the country of origin (or affidavit confirming that no registration is necessary in your country of origin)
  • administrative fee

All the document have to be submitted together with the application at the competent Register Court, Trade Licensing Office (meanwhile you are applying for the Trade License, Point of Single Contact will send the documentation to the Registered Court) or online with this form. All the online forms and documents have to be signed with qualified electronic signature (KEP).

Administrative fee

Administrative fee for the registration of the limited liability company is 300 € and of the sole proprietor 150 €. Both fees are charged half the price if they are submitted online or if you apply via the Point of Single Contact.

Online application is provided by the Central Government Portal. If you want to apply online, you have to have electronic mailbox (foreigners have to apply for it) and use the ID (residence card) card with electronic chip.

Waiting period

The Register Court will register the company within 2 working days since the submission of the correct application and payment of the administrative fee. If you applied online, it may take 3 working days to accept the online payment, so the company may start the business 2 days after the acceptance of the payment. 

Last modified: 31. 1. 2019
Publication date: 7. 12. 2016

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