Ústredný portál verejnej správy

Alternative authenticator for foreign statutory representatives

Since the 1st of March 2017 foreign statutory representatives may apply for alternative authenticator according to the regulation of the Ministry of Interior.

Alternative authenticator is another option for foreign statutory representatives that run business activities in Slovakia to enter the electronic mailbox of their company. They still may authorize Slovak citizen with eID or foreign person with residence card, but from the beginning of the March they have the opportunity to have direct access.

Also advocates, visiting euroadvocates and settled euroadvocates, who don´t have official authenticator – eID (an electronic identification card) or residence card, can apply for the alternative authenticator.

Alternative authenticator is a card with an electronic chip. This card is free of charge and valid for 3 years. It is issued only to foreign statutory representative of a company that is registered in the Commercial Register of the Slovak Republic or to the head of the organizational unit of this company.

The applicant has to apply at the department of Alien Police in person. He/she has to provide his/her name and surname, birth date, nationality, country and address of permanent residence, BOK (personal security code) and the company name and address. Correctness of the information has to be verified by public document.

In the case of the lost or damage of the card, applicant has to proceed and apply for it as mentioned above.

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer service of the Ministry of Interior at the phone number 0800 222 222. 

Last modified: 31. 7. 2019
Publication date: 22. 2. 2017