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Increase the storage capacity of the electronic mailbox

Dear users,

while public authorities (institutions, offices, etc.) have the storage capacity of the electronic mailbox unlimited, other entities (natural and legal persons) have a capacity 1 GB.

If you want to keep messages in your mailbox even though your storage capacity is almost full, you can request for increase directly via the electronic mailbox. A simple procedure is shown in Figure 1 and more details in the text below.

Increase the storage capacity of the electronic mailbox

Figure 1 – Illustrative image shows how to increase the storage capacity of the electronic mailbox upon request

Press the “Get more storage space“ (the function is located in the electronic mailbox at the bottom of the left panel in the section “Used storage space”)

The electronic request will open. In this form fill in the size of capacity increase (by 1 GB/EUR 10, 10 GB/EUR 100 or 100 GB/EUR 1000) *, requested date of the increase and the e-mail contact.

Before submitting, the reques must be confirmed by entering a 6-digit personal security code (BOK). After submitting your request, you will receive an advance invoice (into your electronic mailbox and e-mail) within a few days. The capacity is then increased within three working days after its payment.


In the meaning of Decree (only in Slovak) capacity increase is charged of administrative fee (only in Slovak) which applies only for one year period. If you need increased capacity longer than one year, you can request the increase repeatedly.  Since the process of issuing and sending an advance invoice takes several days, we recommend that you send an application in advance

If you are no longer interested in increasing the basic storage capacity, we recommend that you download or delete unnecessary mesages and release the storage capacity in your electronic mailbox only to the basic level. Under the e-Government Act (only in Slovak), the oldest read messages can be automatically deleted.

* If you are interested in a different size, submit a number of requests, the sum of which will be equal to your required size. Example: To increase by 20 GB, send two requests with an increase of 10 GB.

Last modified: 18. 11. 2021
Publication date: 18. 11. 2021