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How can I make the electronic mailbox more transparent?

Dear users,

the easier is the work with an electronic mailbox, the more efficient and quicker is the whole process of electronic communication between you and the public authorities. It is quite simple to adjust the electronic mailbox according to your needs.

Illustrative image - How to create transparent electronic mailboxFigure 1 Illustrative image - Advantages of adjusting electronic mailbox

Colour tags

You can create colour tags according to preferences and assign them to individual messages. Then it is easier to visually reorganise the contents of the messages.

Rules for sorting messages

By creating rules before accepting new messages into your electronic mailbox, you can ensure that they are automatically stored in the folder you define, or that a colour tag is assigned to them so that all the administration is sorted.

Electronic notification for new message

In electronic mailbox, it is possible to set up a SMS or e-mail notification, which alert as soon as new message is delivered.

Setting of permissions

If you do not have the option or cannot handle the “correspondence” in your electronic mailbox that you have mandatory or voluntarily activated for delivery, simply authorise another trusted person to do so. You will then be able to change or cancel the permission at any time.

Popular electronic submission

In your electronic mailbox, it is possible to create a list of favourite or frequently used electronic submission that will be quickly and easily accessed in the future.

Last modified: 14. 9. 2021
Publication date: 24. 8. 2021