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Why communicate electronically with public authorities?

Dear users,

communicating with public authorities (if the law does not require only an electronic method), you can do so in paper form, but electronically it is much more efficient. The text below and the picture attached illustrate the many benefits of electronisation, such as simplicity, convenience, ecology, safety in the pandemic situation and time and financial savings.

Graphic illustration - Benefits of electronic communication

Figure 1 – Graphic illustration of the benefits of electronic communication with authorities 


If you apply for an ID card with an electronic chip, you can also get a card reader for free, upload signature certificates and choose a personal security code (BOK). After that, you only need to install the necessary software from the installation package at home, and you can start communicating with the authorities via a computer with the internet access. For more information, see the “Start Now” section.


It is possible to apply for electronic submission from home without visiting a post office in person. Those electronic submissions which are established by public authorities can be found on the slovensko.sk portal in the section "e-Procedures" or "Electronic submission". In case the public authority does not provide exact electronic form, you can use the "General Agenda" and address it to the authority you need.

No office hours

It is possible to apply for electronic submission online anytime necessary, not only during working day, but also during holiday and weekend as well (except for the unavailability of the portal due to technical maintenance). Which means you do not need to check the working hours of the authority, because it is obliged to receive electronic submissions on a daily basis.


Online communication with authorities is saving time and money needed for transport and delivery of the filing in person. In some cases, specific laws even mention a reduced fee in the electronic way (it can be up to half of price). If the officially certified handwritten signature is required, the equivalent online is qualified electronic signature with a time stamp. The time stamp adds automatically and free of charge when working with the slovensko.sk portal. Therefore, you will save extra time and money for an official signature certificate at the notary’s office.


By not using the paper form, you will contribute to reducing the cost of office supplies such as toner, paper, and less fuel consumption for transport, which certainly has a positive impact on the environment. The number of financial savings thanks to electronic communication with the authorities can be found in the section “Statistics of slovensko.sk” (only in Slovak).


During an emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is certainly safer limiting the necessary contact with other people, avoiding possible public transport, and waiting in line at the office.


Last modified: 28. 10. 2022
Publication date: 19. 8. 2021