Ústredný portál verejnej správy

Video Guides

In this section you may find actual video guides to web portal slovensko.sk and also electronic mailboxes.

Video Guides

Electronic mailbox

Authorization of natural and physical personThis video guide shows how you can authorize natural or physical person for access to your electronic mailbox.

Notification setting - This video explains how to set notifications for new messages in your electronic mailbox. 

Main page of mailbox - This video shows layout of the main page of electronic mailbox.

How to accept receive message - This video tutorial will show you how to accept receive message from public authority. Only after you accept this message you will be delivered the main message.

How to sign and send general request - In this video you will find the way how to sign and send general request (general agenda). 

Last modified: 18. 6. 2021
Publication date: 27. 7. 2017