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Participating in public tenders


A contract for the purposes of the Public Procurement Act is a contract for pecuniary interest concluded between one or more contracting authorities or contracting entities, on the one hand, and one or more successful tenderers, on the other, for the supply of goods, the execution of works or the provision of a service.
  1. Introduction
  2. Publication of contracts

1. Introduction

Based on the subject matter, contracts are divided into three types:

  • supply contracts;
  • service contracts;
  • works contracts.

Based on the nature of the contract, contracts are divided into civil contracts and contracts in the fields of defence and security.

Based on the estimated value of the contract, there are above-threshold, below-threshold and low-value contracts. The individual thresholds valid as of 1 January 2020 are listed below and they define the type of public procurement procedure to be used.

2. Publication of contracts

  • A list of current notices and calls for tenders can be found at: Public Procurement Journal (information is available only in Slovak).
  • Contract notices in electronic form are published daily in the National Journal.Official Journal of the EU (TED – tenders electronic daily) (Publications Office)
  • TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) is the online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal' of the EU, dedicated to European public procurement. It provides access to business opportunities in European Union Member States, countries of the European Economic Area and other countries.

Contract notices published in the Public Procurement Journal are also linked to the Contracting Authority/Entity Profile (information is available only in Slovak), where the contracting authority/entity publishes documentation or a link to the published contract documentation, including tender documents.

The Electronic Marketplace is a public administration information system for the supply and purchase of goods or services generally available on the market, through the auction process, as well as for related activities.

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