Ústredný portál verejnej správy

Point of Single Contact – business license for services which are not trades

There electronic services are intended for legal and natural persons who would like to acquire a business license to provide services other than services which are regulated by Trade Licensing Act.

Browser Internet Explorer is required in order to ensure the correct functioning of electronic form and electronic signature.


Note: Services which

Minimum system requirements for a client to use electronic services:

• Operating system Windows XP. This operating system does not have support any more therefore some errors can occur.
• Internet browser MS Internet Explorer version 6.0 – for all electronic services that require signing by qualified electronic signature (for all other electronic services
   that do not require qualified electronic signature also other internet browsers can be used)

Recommended configuration for a client using electronic services:

• Operation system Windows 7 and newer
• Internet browser Internet Explorer version 9.0 or higher

When these recommended system requirements will not be followed the smooth processing of larger amount of electronic services is not guaranteed (the work with application can be significantly slowed down).


Last modified: 6. 7. 2020
Publication date: 17. 9. 2015