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Grant access to the electronic mailbox and enjoy undisturbed relaxation

Dear users,

if you do not have time or simply do not want to do the “correspondence” in your electronic mailbox, which you have mandatory or voluntarily activated for delivery, simply authorise other trusted persons, family members, friends, company employees, etc. (Figure1). You will then be able to change or revoke granted permission at any time.

Illistrative image - card payment only for seletced electronic submission

Figure 1 - Illustrative image about advantages of electronic authorisation

Please note:
The access to electronic mailbox is not the right to perform legal acts on behalf of that person. The right to act is governed by similar rules as in the deed world, and for electronic communication it is therefore necessary to prove it by the law of the e-Government Act.

In case of the delivery by postal service, you can provide a trusted person with the key to your mailbox and, if necessary, issue the authorisation for assuming the mail intended into your own hands. In case of electronic messages sent to your electronic mailbox on portal slovensko.sk, you can do so in a similar way.

As the key of the electronic mailbox, the person will be authorised by the ID with an electronic chip (eID) [1] and the Personal Security Code (BOK). We recommend that you find out this information in advance and avoid a situation where the trustee will not be able to log in to the electronic mailbox at the time of your absence because, for example, he has forgotten his BOK or does not have a valid eID. 

For more information, see the “Start now” section.

You may grant authorisation to one or more persons, either in paper form or in electronic form. We encourage you to prefer an electronic method because it is simple, fast, free of charge and environmentally friendly. For more information see the article “Advantages of authorisation to electronic mailbox”. Electronic applications can be found directly in the electronic mailbox in the section “Settings” and under the section “Authorisation”. 

Access to and disposal of the electronic mailbox may be either complete or partial.

With full access, you will allow the selected person to handle all folders in your electronic mailbox, read, delete, move electronic messages and create or delete created folders, and set the message storage rules.

With partial access, you can limit the permissions of the selected person and then specify whether that person (e.g. an assistant in a firm) only has the access to certain messages in subfolders or can only perform certain tasks, e.g. to read and move messages, but can not download or delete them. 

In order not to miss any of the message delivered to the electronic mailbox and the deadlines associated with it, we remind you the possibility of setting notifications via SMS or e-mail address. 

For more information, see the article "Will I find out about the new message without logging into the mailbox?"

Last modified: 31. 8. 2021
Publication date: 26. 8. 2021