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Submitting a request to determine the applicable legislation of a person who usually performs activities as a civil servant and activities as an employee and/or a self-employed person (SZČO) in different EU Member States

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The service enables a person residing in the territory of the Slovak Republic who pursues activities of a state employee and/or activities of an employee and/or activities as a self-employed person (SZČO) in the territory of two or more EU Member States (including the territories of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom) to request determination of the applicable legislation in accordance with European Union Coordination Regulations (EU Regulations). According to EU Regulations, a person can be subject, at the same time, exclusively to the legislation of one EU Member State in the field of social security. The Social Insurance Agency will issue a person with the status of a state employee and an employee and/or self-employed person pursuing gainful activity in the territory of two or more EU Member States with a PD A1 if he/she is subject to the legislation of the Slovak Republic within the meaning of EU Regulations. Please note that a person's residence within the meaning of the EU Regulations is not equivalent to a person's permanent residence. Informácie o službe

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