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Selling a motor vehicle


If you decide to sell your motor vehicle, you have the obligation to deregister from the vehicle register at the Transport Inspectorate. You can find information on the administrative fees and the power of attorney equipment in this article.
  1. Deregistration from the vehicle register
  2. Power of attorney
  3. Administrative fees

1. Deregistration from the vehicle register

If you have sold your car, you have a legal obligation to unsubscribe within 30 days and notify the next owner to the Transport Inspectorate. You will do so by filling in a form, the service is also provided electronically, indicating the new owner’s details. An important condition is his acceptance of the transcript, which must be officially verified.

Transcription within the district

In the case of transliteration within the district, the simplest option is that both the original and the new owner come together to the district directorate. If this is not possible, you must log out your car yourself. You don't need to bring your car to the check. You can also use the e-service of the Ministry of the Interior for writing off.

Necessary documents

  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Valid identity document
  • Power of attorney if not depreciated by the owner
  • Proof of payment of the UGS
  • Authorisation of new owner to transcription
  • Transliteration outside the district
  • If you sell a car outside your district, you do the same as for the transcription within the county.

2. Power of attorney

When a car is sold, its new owner must certify that the vehicle is being overwritten on it. If the buyer is not at the time of the transliteration in the district directorate, the seller must translate the power of attorney with a certified signature. The service is also available electronically. Without this indication of will, it is not possible to write off the car.

3. Administrative fees

Deregistration of the motor vehicle is free of charge. The administrative fee is charged only when the motor vehicle is registered in the register.

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Publication date: 20. 1. 2017

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