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How to start your business as a sole proprietor


If a foreign person wants to be a sole proprietor, he/she have to meet these basic conditions:

  • be at least 18 years
  • have legal capacity
  • no criminal record
  • special conditions according to special trades (professional or other qualification for a trade)

Foreign person may conduct trade as a Slovak entity (with permanent residence) or foreign entity (without permanent residence). Foreign entity has the same rights and conditions as a Slovak entity, except of that that foreign entity has to be registered in the Commercial Register. This rule does not apply to person with permanent residence in member states of the EU/OECD.

Each person who wants to conduct trade in the Slovak republic has to apply for the Trade License at the Trade Licensing Office (which is mostly also a Point of Single Contact).

You can apply for trade license also electronically at this link

You can apply for business authorization for services which are not trade at this link

Within 3 days you will obtain your Trade License. In case of any changes you are obliged to notify the Trade Licensing Office within 15 days.

Meanwhile (but better in advance) the applicant (except of those from member states of EU and OECD) have to apply for temporary residence (one of conditions for starting a business) that enables him/her to do business in the Slovak Republic. He/she needs to submit passport, extract form criminal record, proof of financial resources for living and business and demonstration of accommodation.

The day of starting the trade is in the case of foreigners with permanent residency in Slovakia or member states of EU or OECD the day of notification of the Trade Licensing Office and in the case of foreigners with temporary residence the day when they were registered in the Commercial Register.

Trade Licensing Office, that works also as a Point of Single Contact will contact on behalf of you tax authority and also provider of health insurance and Social Insurance Agency (depends on several conditions). 

If you need more information about starting a business in Slovakia as sole trader you can contact Trade Offices (in Slovak language only) at this link.

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