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How to provide cross-border (temporary) services


Other way how to do business in Slovakia is to provide services across the borders. In this case if you have your business founded in any of the EEA countries, you may provide services also in Slovakia, only after proper reporting that you are providing this kind of services (you will be given Acnowledgement of notification of cross-border provision of services). This applies only to services which are regulated in Slovak republic, for example services, which are free trade you don´t have to report.

You just have to notify the Point of Single Contact in the area where you want to provide the service. Notifying duty is obligatory for those services that are regulated within the Slovak Republic  and at the same time they are included in the Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the internal market.

Documents you have to submit:

  • certified copy of proof of professional qualification (of authorised person),
  • proof of authorization to provide services of the same kind,
  • document proving that all service provider is neither prohibited nor restricted to provide services,
  • document proving at least 1 year of professional practise during the last 10 years (to be submitted ibly if the service provided is uregulated in the country of establishment),
  • document proving that service provider is not temporarily or permanently prohibited from provision of services document proving that service provider has not been convinced of intentional crime if he/she wants to provide services in the area of security, health or education,
  • copy of identity card.

You can submit your notification form also by electronic service for trade and for those services which are not trades you can submit your notification here. This form has to be submitted only in Slovak language.

More information.

If you need more information about starting a business in Slovakia as sole trader you can contact Trade Offices (in Slovak language only) at this link.

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