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Ministry of Interior in the Slovak Republic

Regulated professions and recognition of professional qualifications in Slovakia


Regulated profession in Slovakia is profession, professional activity or group of professional activities if the pursuit of such activity is subject by virtue of legislative provisions to the possession of specific professional qualifications except for the general professional qualification which is the level of education, especially in the group of social, economic and legal science. Regulated profession is also a profession with the right to use professional title by the members of recognised professional organisation.

At this link you can find the list of all regulated professions in Slovakia including the contact details for each regulated profession:

Since January 2016 it is possible to request the issue of European Professional Card (EPC) which facilitates cross-border mobility of professionals. EPC guarantees that professional has fulfilled all required conditions for cross-border provision of services in host member state or conditions for recognition of professional qualification for establishment in host member state.

For the first provision of services, in the case of regulated professions having public health or safety implications, the competent authority of the Slovak Republic may check the professional qualification of the service provider prior to the first provision of services. The list of such professions can be found here:

Other important information in the area of professional qualification:

The detailed description of the process of recognition of professional qualifications for regulated professions in Slovakia is available at the webpage of Centre for Recognition of Professional Qualification here. Recognition of qualification for unregulated professions is not required as there are no specific qualification requirements to pursue these professions in Slovakia.

The request for recognition of professional qualifications can be sent to competent organ also electronically using either general electronic services caled “Electronic submission” available at this website or using designated services called “Uznávanie dokladu o vzdelaní a odbornej kvalifikácii zo zahraničia na výkon regulovaného povolania v SR” or “Uznávanie dokladu o vzdelaní zo zahraničia na výkon regulovaného povolania v SR”  available at this webpage.

Last modified: 10. 9. 2019
Publication date: 19. 6. 2018