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Activation and electronic delivery

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Activation of the mailbox

Activation is a procedure that enables mailbox to be used for electronic delivery. The electronic mailbox of foreigner is not automatically activated during its establishment. For the activation, the owner must apply for it through activation function of the mailbox. His/her electronic mailbox will be activated free of charge on the date that he/she applies for, but at the earliest the third day after the request.

Electronic delivery to the mailbox

Activated electronic mailbox is a mailbox where electronic filings, electronic official documents and electronic advices of delivery are delivered. Electronic delivery with the advice of delivery is equivalent of “personal delivery”. Therefore, the recipient has to confirm the delivery by signing the advice of delivery. Advice of delivery needs to be confirmed before recipient’s access to the message. This advice of delivery is then sent to the sender.

Advice of delivery provides data about:

  • data and time of electronic delivery
  • identifier of sender and recipient
  • electronic message and electronic documents that were delivered

Saving of the electronic message to the mailbox

Message is saved in the moment when it is accessible in the mailbox of the recipient. In the case of non-personal delivery, it means the next day after the delivery of the message. In the case of personal delivery, the message is delivered if:

  • the recipient signs the advice of delivery or
  • after expiring of period of 15 days after the day of the delivery even without acknowledgement of the recipient


Related legislation:

Act No. 305/2013 Coll. on e-Government

Last modified: 24. 4. 2018
Publication date: 10. 11. 2016