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Access, Usage of electronic mailbox

Citizen and State

The person that the electronic mailbox was established for is its owner and it is authorized to use it in that manner as it was ordained by the Act on e-Government.

For accession and log in to the electronic mailbox it is necessary successful identification and authentication of the person.

Identification is a procedure during which the identity is declared through identifier of a person. Authentication is a procedure of the public authority during which it verifies the veracity of the declared identity through verification of the correctness and validity of the identifier of a person and authenticator. Successful authentication is a requirement for the access to instruments and data of the information system as well as to the electronic communication.

For the authentication of foreigner only this authenticators apply:

Only the owner of the mailbox is authorized for the access and usage of the electronic mailbox. Except of the owner, only the person entitled by the owner can access and use his/her electronic mailbox and only in the range he/she was authorized for.

The right for the entitlement for the access and usage of the electronic mailbox and changes in these rights has only the owner through the determined function of the electronic mailbox. 

Foreign statutory representative of the legal entity...

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Last modified: 17. 2. 2021
Publication date: 10. 11. 2016