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Marriage between a Slovak citizen and a foreign national

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Marriage is an official ceremony that needs to be validated by official authority. Fiancées have to fulfill various conditions and submit several documents. In the case of wedding a foreign national, fiancées need to be cautious about paperwork as all documents have to be certified and translated.

How to arrange a marriage between a Slovak citizen and a foreign national?

  1. Documents
  2. Submission of the application
  3. Administration fee


If a Slovak citizen and a foreign national want to get married here in the Slovak Republic they have to submit several documents:

Foreign national has to submit these documents no later than 14 days before the wedding:

  • Birth certificate (with personal information about the applicant but also about his parents)
  • Proof of marital status (not older than 6 months)
  • Proof of citizenship – valid passport
  • Proof of residence
  • Death certificate of a deceased spouse (if the person is widowed)/ divorce decree (if the person is divorced)
  • ID/ passport

All the documents have to be certified (apostille or superlegalization depending on the country of origin) and translated into Slovak by an official translator certified by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic. Translated documents must have the official round seal. If the submission of any of the documents is especially difficult, Registry Office may accept its replacement with an affidavit of the couple. 

Slovak citizen has to submit:

  • Valid identity card (as a proof of citizenship, address, personal identification number and identity)
  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate of a deceased spouse (if the person is widowed)/ divorce decree (if the person is divorced)
  • If the Slovak citizen lives abroad he/she has to submit official confirmation of his/her residence

Submission of the application

If both fiancées already have all the necessary documents (take special care if all the documents are certified and translated) they have to submit their application at the Registry Office and fill in the form. In special case it is possible that only one of the fiancées will do that.

If any of the fiancées does not speak or understand the Slovak, the presence of the official court interpreter at the wedding ceremony is necessary.

Administration fee

The administration fee for couple of a Slovak citizen and foreign national is 70 €, for two foreign nationals it is 200 € and for two foreign nationals without permanent residence in the Slovak Republic it is 200 €.


Related legislation:

Act No. 36/2005 Coll. on Family

Last modified: 27. 8. 2019
Publication date: 1. 12. 2016

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