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How to found limited liability company


The first step is to set the name, field of activity, registered address and Memorandum of the company. This has to be written by the statutory representative or board of statutory representatives with certified signature of all representatives. The Memorandum has to contain names of all the representatives, their signatures and personal data. This information is later provided also to the Commercial Register.

Later, foreign representative has to obtain the Trading License (Certificate of Trade Authorization). He/she has to go to Trade Licensing Office, which is mostly also a Point of Single Contact, and submit:

  • fill the application form (name of company, personal data about representatives…)
  • documents proving your qualification (only the regulated trade)
  • the appointment, consent and declaration of the Authorized Representative (in the case you do not have residence)
  • the entitlement to use the property that is used as a registered address
  • a criminal record (from each country where you resided longer than 6 months within the last 5 years)
  • pay the administrative fee
  • extract from the Criminal record

You can obtain your trade license also electronically at this link.

When you already have your Trading License you have to go to the registered court where you will enter your company into the Commercial Register. The most important condition for doing so is that statutory representative have at least temporary residence that enables him/her to conduct business activities. With this residence the company may be registered in the Commercial Register. This not apply for person from the member states of EU and OECD.

Trade Licensing Office, that works also as a Point of Single Contact will contact on behalf of you tax authority and also provider of health insurance and Social Insurance Agency (depends on several conditions). 

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